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Material selection and making method of homemade diaper pocket
Nov 02, 2018

Some older people like to make diapers for their little ones. This is a fine tradition of Chinese people. Well, today I will teach my mom and dad some small tricks to make homemade diapers. If you can't do it, you can also learn some common sense of doing diapers.

1. The most important thing to make a diaper is to choose the right material. The general elderly recommend using old sheets and old clothes to make diapers for the baby. Because the rags are soft and absorbable, it is most suitable for diapers. However, due to the repeated washing of the old cloth, the fluff on the cloth becomes a layer of burrs. These burrs are very hard when the rag is dry, and it is easy to damage the baby's anal mucosa. Causes perianal abscess, so be sure to make it soft before using the diaper. You can use a forceful method. If conditions permit, it is best not to use old sheets or the like to make diapers.


2, half old light cotton underwear washed very soft, water absorption is also a good choice for homemade diaper materials. Mothers are advised to go to the market to buy thin, fine cotton gauze because the cotton yarn is hygroscopic and soft. I went home and cut it into dozens of pieces, each of which was 40 cm by 20 cm. These cut cotton can be used as both a baby's diaper and a bathing cloth for washing the butt. It is easy to wash and easy to dry.


3, 2-3 layers of cotton can be used to make a diaper, so that it will not affect the water absorption because it is too thin, and will not affect the activity because it is too thick.

If the father and mother are not afraid of trouble choosing a cloth diaper, the cloth diaper must be cleaned. Because acidic and alkaline will be irritating to your baby's skin, properly sterilize the cloth diaper. Two simple ways: hot water, sun

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