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Negative ion sanitary napkin quality characteristics
Aug 30, 2018

The negative ion sanitary napkin is the first dual-core technology, which combines active oxygen and negative ions to effectively increase the oxygen content in the body, protect the beneficial bacteria while inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, and effectively maintain the female's physiological self-cleaning ability; pure physical effect, no Contains any medicine or chemical ingredients, no side effects; allows women to continue to have a healthy, comfortable, clean physiological environment. The negative ion sanitary napkin has a unique 7-layer manufacturing process. The first layer: the surface of the quick-seeding silk and thin cotton - the absorption is accelerated by 3 times. The second layer: the world's leading active oxygen instant blue chip - effective anti-bacterial, help instant suction. The third layer: dust-free paper packaging. The fourth layer: strong lock water (polymer, dry paper, with strong water lock function). The fifth layer: dust-free paper packaging. The sixth layer: breathable and comfortable (the base film is highly breathable and will breathe). The seventh layer: release paper (striped intermittent adhesive design, ergonomic)

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