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Negative ion sanitary napkins have the design and efficacy
Aug 30, 2018

Negative ions are known for their ability to enhance the respiratory system, improve mental status, promote metabolism, enhance immunity, and improve sleep. The negative ions released by the negative ion chip can promote the biochemical enzyme conversion in the body and neutralize with the odor gas molecules, thereby improving the self-cleaning ability of the human body, eliminating the odor and effectively inhibiting the bacteria. Sanitary pad: Unique 5-layer manufacturing process. The first layer: the surface of the quick-seeding silk and soft cotton is softer and more comfortable, and the absorption is accelerated by 3 times. The second layer: the world's leading active oxygen instantaneous blue core, breathable, breathing (the world's leading active oxygen & negative ion / negative ion green chip, is your health guarantee). The third layer: a dust-free paper layer. The fourth layer: leak-proof breathable film (the base film has good gas permeability and will breathe). The fifth layer: release paper (food grade intermittent adhesive design, ergonomic, more healthy and comfortable).

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