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Precautions for polymer water absorbing resin
Aug 30, 2018

SAP particle size and PH value requirements, the absorption capacity is best when the particle size is 100~120mesh; the absorption rate is the highest when the pH value is 6~8. Smaller particles of SAP may have a negative impact on absorption rate and back bleed, as well as a tendency to block pores. The amount of SAP used in dust-free paper, the maximum amount of SAP in dust-free paper can be as high as 55%, and the amount of SAP in dust-free paper is generally determined by the use of the product. If used as a sanitary napkin, small absorbent pad, etc., the content of SAP is 20~25%. If used as baby diapers, adult urinary incontinence products, agriculture and forest water conservation, SAP dosage is 30~35%. SAP requirements for fluff fibers require soft, fluffy fibers, high bulkiness, long and narrow fibers (2.7~3.0mm), low fine fiber content, good mat integrity, uniform mesh fibers, and a network tension of 7 N or more. SAP has strong adhesion and so on. In the actual production, it is more suitable for the velvet pulp board of GP, NF485 and other models.

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