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What kind of diaper is good for your baby?
Nov 02, 2018

Many people say that it is better to use diapers when the baby is born, because diapers will not hurt the baby's delicate skin, but which texture should be used when purchasing diapers? Here we take a look at the texture of the baby's diaper is good, to protect the small butt is not dry.

In terms of materials, diapers can be divided into cloth diapers and paper diapers, both of which have advantages and disadvantages: cloth diapers have good adhesion, easy to absorb baby's pee, not easy to cause skin diseases, such as red PP or diaper rash, etc., but Cloth diapers need to be changed frequently, which will increase the workload for parents and it is inconvenient to carry. Although the diaper is easy to carry and does not need to be cleaned, it is recommended that the baby with allergic skin should not use it because it easily affects the baby's skin. According to the gender, according to the position of the male and female baby's urinary squirt, it can be divided into different diapers used by male and female babies. The front end of the male diaper is thicker, and the female diaper is thicker at the back.

The best choice for diaper texture: cotton diapers.

Advantages: good ventilation, and absorption is not bad.

Is diaper just born or diaper?

In fact, Xiaobian recommended to use diapers better, because compared to diaper, cotton diapers have good breathability and good water absorption, the most important thing is to protect the skin of newborn babies. But be sure to keep the diapers clean and timely. For the health of your child, parents should work harder.

Newborn diapers require strong water absorption, softness, and easy washing. And the diaper should be prepared in multiple points, which can be rectangular, square or triangular.

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