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Antibacterial Properties And Modification Of Nonwoven Fabrics
Aug 29, 2018

Because the baby's urine contains bacteria, bacteria break down urea, which produces ammonia. Ammonia is an alkaline substance that is very irritating to the skin. Will make the baby's buttocks grow a bright red erythema, medically known as "diaper dermatitis", commonly known as "red ass." In severe cases, the skin will be smashed and smashed, and the skin will be peeled and pustular. Antibacterial finishing of the nonwoven fabric in baby diapers can effectively inhibit the occurrence of diaper dermatitis. The finishing method is similar to the hydrophilic finishing method, and the antibacterial liquid and the auxiliary agent are added to the non-woven fabric, and then dried, and the non-woven fabric is provided with an antibacterial function to achieve effective antibacterial action. effect. Antibacterial finishing and hydrophilic finishing can also be completed after the two liquids and auxiliaries are combined with the bath.

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