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Application Of Non-woven Fabrics In Absorbent Textiles
Aug 29, 2018

The baby diaper is composed of a surface layer, an absorbent layer, an anti-side leakage guard, an elastic waist, a Velcro and a leakproof bottom layer, wherein the surface layer and the leakproof bottom layer can be used for the nonwoven fabric. Women's sanitary napkins and adult incontinence products are similar to baby diapers, and the surface layer and the leak-proof primer layer can be used for nonwoven fabrics. However, ordinary nonwoven materials such as spunbond, spunlace and SMS have a certain water repellency, and the surface layer of the absorbent textile needs to be hydrophilic, requiring urine to penetrate the surface layer, and ordinary nonwoven fabric. It cannot be used directly on the surface layer, and a hydrophilic nonwoven fabric is required for the surface layer. Ordinary non-woven fabrics have certain water repellency, but they are not completely waterproof, and they cannot be directly used for the leakage-proof bottom layer of absorbent hygiene products. Hydrophilic nonwoven fabric materials are required, and then on hydrophilic nonwoven fabric materials. The film is covered to prevent leakage and can be used for leak-proof bottom layer.

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