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Baby Cloth Diaper Cotton Core Use Method
Aug 29, 2018

For environmental, health and comfort reasons, some parents choose a diaper instead of a disposable diaper. The diaper is made of cotton and is very soft on the baby's skin and can absorb any dirt. You should wash the diapers, use them again after drying, instead of using them once. Choose a cloth diaper according to your needs and your baby's needs, and wash it immediately after the diaper is dirty. Try several different types before buying a diaper. These cloth diapers have different styles and different characteristics. Integrated diapers (AIOS) are generally disposable. Inside they are baby's skin with absorbent cotton and a polyurethane surface. Folded diapers are easy to use, they are rectangular and have a full length divided into three sections. Fold according to the traces of the tips, then use a diaper safety pin, or a diaper clip (a toothed T-shaped piece made of elastic plastic) to put the diapers together, or use a diaper with a button.

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