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Comparison Of Traditional Diapers Diapers
Aug 29, 2018

Many people are influenced by the theory of traditional diapers. They think that diapers are better than diapers: they are ventilated and hygroscopic, and they are not easy to produce diaper rash. For this traditional theory, we must analyze it scientifically and re-examine its correctness. Cotton diapers have the longest history of all baby diapers. In modern society, many families still think that cotton diapers are the best choice for nursing newborns. In addition to cotton diapers, similar products such as bamboo fiber diapers, medical fiber diapers, and the like are commercially available. Due to the frequent replacement of traditional diapers, the amount of cleaning is very large, and the baby's skin is easy to be soaked in urine stains and toilet stains. The cleaning and drying conditions are not good, and it is easy to breed bacteria.

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