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Disposable Diaper Manufacturing Method
Aug 29, 2018

Disposable diapers are not preferred by consumers because plastic film backings are often in contact with the skin. The above composition is used as the backing of the diaper. On the other hand, the outer surface of the plastic film is covered with a non-woven fabric. The non-woven fabric provides a similar contact surface to the backing, thereby reducing the plastic film. The problem. However, the backing made of such a synthetic sheet is inevitably harder than when the plastic film is used as a backing alone, and the opening at the waist and the leg must be separated by an elastic film at a larger distance than when the plastic film is used alone. Tight these openings. In particular, when the fasteners are formed around the wearer's legs at relatively large intervals, in other words, if the wearer's legs are not tightly tightened, the diaper does not fit well around the wearer's legs. The need, of course, the leakage of body excretion is inevitable.

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