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How To Use Baby Diaper Non-woven Fabric
Aug 29, 2018

For the part of the skin that uses the diaper, healthy skin should be dry. Wet skin quickly becomes fragile and prone to diaper rash. In order to minimize the wetting caused by diapers, diapers should be replaced frequently and absorbent diapers should be used. If you use a cloth diaper for your baby, you should always check and change the diaper. Vaseline oil, zinc oxide ointment or diaper cream also helps protect the skin from moisture. Baby powder may make your baby's skin feel comfortable, but it is not the best for babies. Baby powder can reduce the friction between the diaper and the child's skin in a short time, but once it is wet (the child will definitely wet it!), it is useless. Your baby may even inhale a lot of powder, which can be dangerous. As the child grows, the number of diaper changes will gradually decrease, starting at an average of ten times a day, gradually reducing to six times. It is common to change the diaper before or after each feeding and after each stool. There is also a change of diaper when he is still awake before going to bed. You should also change your diaper before you take your child out.

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