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Hydrophilic Properties Of Nonwoven Fabrics
Aug 29, 2018

In the hydrophilic property of the nonwoven fabric, the surface tension σL of the liquid (water) can be regarded as a constant, θ>90°, so that the droplet cannot wet the solid surface, that is, the urine cannot penetrate the nonwoven fabric, such as When 0° < θ < 90°, the droplets can partially wet the solid surface, that is, the urine can penetrate the nonwoven fabric. If θ = 0°, the droplets are completely diffused on the solid surface, and the hydrophilicity of the nonwoven fabric is the largest, that is, the larger the σS-σLS, the better. The raw material for the production of non-woven fabrics is polypropylene (PP). Since polypropylene (PP) is a non-polar structure, the crystallinity is high, the molecular arrangement is regular, and the structure is dense. The contact angle of the untreated nonwoven fabric is 148°. So it has a certain water repellency.

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