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Introduction Of Panty-type Disposable Diapers
Aug 29, 2018

The pants-type disposable diaper includes a front and rear torso covering area and a crotch covering area, and the body fluid absorbing member extends in the direction of the front and rear torso regions centering on the crotch covering area. The body fluid absorbing member is bent inward along the width direction of the absorbing member along the first, second, and third bending members in the crotch portion. A flap is formed along the edge of the body fluid absorbing member. In the flap, a first edge extending along the edge is attached to the outer surface of the body fluid absorbing member and a second edge is placed on the inner surface of the absorbent member. The diaper further includes first and second elastic members joined to the airfoil in a stretched state in a longitudinal direction of each of the fins, the second elastic member including at least one of the first and second sub-elastic members, the second sub-elastic The member is attached to the flap to be positioned below the outer surface of the absorbent member; the longitudinal contraction of the first and second resilient members biases the absorbent member into a U-shape and retains the absorbent member in a folded configuration.

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