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Selection Method Of Diaper Non-woven Fabric
Aug 29, 2018

It is very important to choose a good diaper. Here are the seven rules for choosing a diaper: good absorption, fast absorption, can reduce the time of contact between urine and skin, naturally reduce the probability of diaper rash in the baby; Change the frequency and less disturb the baby in sleep. Dry and not oozing, choose to dry and not oozing, so that the sleeping baby can not get sleepy and stable without wet diapers, and also reduce the chance of suffering from diaper rash. Moisturizing protective layer, high-quality diapers generally add natural skin care ingredients to the surface of the non-woven fabric to form a soft protective layer containing emollient ingredients to moisturize the baby's delicate skin. The leak-proof design selects a diaper with a leak-proof design to prevent the baby's excretion from seeping out. At the same time, pay attention to whether the leg leakage protection is too tight and the baby is not comfortable. The texture is soft, the baby's skin is delicate, if the diaper is not soft enough to easily rub with the baby's skin, causing the little butt to turn red, or even be worn, so the texture is also an important aspect of choice. Light and breathable, the baby excretion is irregular, which makes it difficult for novice parents to master, so when choosing diapers, pay attention to the choice of light and thin diapers. Cut and fit, each baby's body shape is different, should choose the baby's own tailoring design, such as U-shaped personal design, mother is best to buy small packaging, try on several times, find the right brand.

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